Gutenberg, REST API, and you…

Daniel Bachhuber, a core contributor for a number of years, has just this Call to Action on the WordPress Core blog:

As you may know, Gutenberg uses the WordPress REST API as a bridge between the land of JavaScript and land of PHP. There were a whole host of conceptual challenges in translating WordPress internals to REST — and even more we still haven’t solved!

The post also linked to the GitHub Milestone for ‘REST API’ in the Gutenberg editor where a number of development tasks are open for discussion and assignment.

Try the new Gutenberg editor with ‘Frontenberg’

Frontenberg is a way to play around with the new WordPress ‘Gutenberg‘ editor which is coming in WordPress 5.0 without the need to mess around installing WordPress or adding the Gutenberg Plugin.

It was released in December 2017 by Tom J Nowell who works as a VIP Wrangler at VIP for Automattic.