Best Practices for Blocks and Themes in the new editor

This post by Jason Yingling look in detail the best practices for developing new blocks in the new WordPress editor and how to integrate these features into features into WordPress themes.

One interesting part of this tutorial focuses on where to put your new blocks, in your theme OR in a plugin:

The general rule of thumb for including functionality in plugins or themes is to keep themes to the presentation of content and use plugins for functionality.

Blocks fall under this same set of principles. And I fall into the camp that blocks should be included in plugins as they extend the functionality of WordPress.

Read the full thing here.

Gutenberg Courses (The Future of WordPress is Here!) is a simple site with a simple goal – to share learning and training about the new WordPress 5.0 editor.

Currently there are only two courses listed which are split between ‘users’ and ‘developers’ – check them out:

The site also has a ‘Ask‘ section which lists upcoming LIVE Q&A Webinars meaning you can get right to the source of the information!